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See what can be achieved when beauty meets practicality, our designs help reflect the personality of your business with websites that are custom-designed for their particular industry. seo530, helping to build a prettier internet

Portfolio: Before and After

Testimonial:Due to our Google Adwords campaign, Garage Equipment Online was achieving really good sales figures with our old website so I was of the opinion that I did not really require the services of an SEO company. However I am very pleased to say that I could not have been more wrong. seo530 took my old website which had struggled to gain any form of significant rankings in just over ten years and produced an end product that not only met with but by far surpassed my expectations, the daily traffic to our website has more than doubled and the redesign of our eBay store was brought up to date to match with the new website all in all a highly effective package that is tailored to my business. I was so impressed that I have updated my whole brand around the designs supplied by seo530.

Jason Pengelly
Managing Director
Garage Equipment Online Ltd.
0151 601 4945

Testimonial:seo530 took our long-standing website and revamped it to show in Google for 10x as many keywords as we were before. This resulted in a marked increase in traffic and business.

Ray McKenna
Managing Director
Causeway Heating Services Ltd.
01925 411 661

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seo530 are a specialist web marketing and development company. Do you want real world results for your money this time, instead of just another fistful of promises? Then you are in the right place.

Choose seo530 and change the way you generate new leads forever!

Whatever your search engine optimisation or internet marketing requirements,

seo530 can help. We have been providing our services to UK and European small to medium enterprises for the past 15 years and as such have gained a wealth of hands on experience in significantly raising the online profiles of our clients both new and old.

There are many web development companies who promise the earth and fail to deliver any real world results.

This is where seo530 set ourselves apart from the competition:
Upon receiving your instruction we will provide you with a highly detailed report clearly outlining any and all issues within your current internet marketing campaign and identify a clear and concise plan of remedial action leaving out the technical jargon for simple understanding of the particular problems posed.

Problem: Obsolete Code
It is quite often the case that the technology used to create your site has now become outdated, perhaps the base code behind your website was written a long time ago.

If so, then you need the services of a reputable design and development company. seo530 have on hand a team of coders who constantly update their knowledge and procedures to stay on the very forefront of an ever changing technology curve ensuring that all the sites developed by seo530 are updated as and when required keeping your businesses internet profile firmly at the top of the class.

seo530 can custom build you a website that is fully responsive across all browsing platforms and written in the very latest HTML5 and CSS3. A website that is highly capable of loading all of its information and high definition images in the blink of an eye. More importantly a website that is designed and built with your company in mind from inception to completion.

Problem: Obsolete SEO Practices
Unfortunately it is human nature that if something is not broken we tend not to fix it, however due to an overhaul of all the major Search Engine algorithms (how they now view and rank a website,) what was working in the past is now potentially frowned upon. In some cases, websites are actually being penalised and either dropping from or being completely removed the rankings for outdated SEO practises that are now contrary to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

seo530 will carry out a full analysis of every single inbound link, physically checking each one to confirm its relevance to your industry. This is of massive importance to how a site is ranked and inbound links must now provide the user with content relevant information. For example, if your site is about cakes then inbound links from bakery related sites will show your site as an authority in the cake making industry and therefore a higher ranking will be achieved. The more relevant links a website has, the higher its ranking. seo530 have in place time tested procedures for effective link building that fully conform to all current SEO Guidelines as defined by the major search engines.

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